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Am I in a SDAC?

What are SDACs?

In California, communities with lower average incomes have been found to have greater exposure to pollutants, less access to safe drinking water, parks and green spaces, and fewer investments in infrastructure than communities with higher average incomes. 

In response to these findings, a number of ballot measures and laws in the state give priority funding to these areas. The CDFA "climate-smart" grants receive money from both Prop 68 (which addresses clean drinking water, as well as parks and green space) and from CCI, the cap-and-trade fund. Each funding source has a minimum requirement for how much money needs to be spent in these severely disadvantaged areas. 

How are SDACs defined?

For these grants, a "severely disadvantaged community," or SDAC, is defined as an area with an average household income (AHI) of <60% the state average. Currently the AHI for the state of California is $63,783, which means a SDAC has an average household income of $38,270 or less.

The bottom line:

If you are located in a SDAC, as long as your proposed project meets a minimum set of requirements, you will receive priority in the grant process. To find out if your project is within a SDAC, please use the mapping tool below.

Remember: use the location of your proposed project, NOT your home or business address.