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Agriculture's Impact, Public Policy and Land Use

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Agriculture and the Economy

Public Policy and Land Use

Buffers & Ag-Urban Conflict

Additional Links of Interest on Ag Impact, Public Policy and Land Use can be found here:

UC California Agriculture Online


Symposium on Ag Research and Extension

The links below are streaming video from this symposium.

Gale Buchanan, Under Secretary USDA

Dan Dooley, Vice President, UC ANR

Kelly Krug, CDFA Division of Marketing Services

Karen Ross, CA Assoc. of Winegrape Growers

Rick Standiford, Associate Vice President, UC ANR

Don Cooksey, Interim Dean, UC Riverside

Tim Paine, Program Leader, UC ANR

Charles Louis, Vice Chancellor, UC Riverside

Jenni James, Professor, CA Polytechnic State University

David Wehner, Dean, CA Polytechnic State University

Deborah Golino, Specialist, UC Cooperative Extension

Ted Batkin, President, Citrus Research Board

Dan Sumner, Director, UC ANR Ag Issues Center

Neal Van Alfen, Dean, UC Davis

Dan Munk, Farm Advisor, UC Cooperative Extension